Raise our forks for diversity!

We are at crossroads for the future of our food: the EU is currently negotiating new rules for the seed market. The current rules, introduced in the 1960s, promote seeds that were developed for industrial agriculture. Seeds that can be sold together with harmful pesticides and synthetic fertilisers, and grown in monocultures. The agro-industry is pushing for the rules to go even further, outlawing diversity to make both the seed and our food system even more uniform. What we need is exactly the opposite. We need seed laws that secure our right to healthy, diverse and tasty food, by truly enhancing diversity in farmers’ fields and in gardens, supporting local varieties, and respecting farmer’s rights.

Sign our petition to call on EU decision makers to not succumb to the industry's pressure, but to protect and promote crop diversity as well as farmers’ right to harvest, use, exchange and sell their own seed!

The petition is supported by:

  • Arbeitsgemeinschaft bäuerliche Landwirtschaft AbL e.V. (DE)
  • ASEED – Action for Solidarity Environment Equality and Diversity (NL)
  • Banya Tanya Foundation (HU)
  • BioForum (BE)
  • Biovrt - u skladu s prirodom (HR)
  • Boerenforum (BE)
  • Bond Beter Leefmilieu (BE)
  • Broederlijk Delen (BE)
  • Budafoki Kosár Közösség (HU)
  • CEEweb for Biodiversity (CEE)
  • Demeter Österreich (AT)
  • Dreschflegel e.V. (DE)
  • Fenntartható Térség Foundation (HU)
  • Föreningen Sesam (SE)
  • Fundación Entretantos (ES)
  • Iniciativa Semínkovna (CZ)
  • Interessengemeinschaft Nachbau (DE)
  • Lebende Samen e.V. Darmstadt (DE)
  • Maadjas (EE)
  • Magház Association (HU)
  • Permakultura (CS) (CZ)
  • ProSpecieRara Deutschland (DE)
  • Red de Semillas "Resembrando e Intercambiando" (ES)
  • Rete Semi Rurali (IT)
  • RMRM – Réseau Meuse-Rhin-Moselle (Greater Region, Benelux)
  • SEED – Som fir d'Erhalen an d’Entwécklung vun der Diversitéit (LU)
  • Slow Food Österreich (AT)
  • Solidagro (BE)
  • Sow Diverse (IE)
  • Velt (BE)
  • Vitale Rassen (BE)
  • Voedsel Anders (BE)
  • Voedsel Anders Nederland (NL)
  • ZMAG – Zelena mreža aktivističkih grupa (HR)

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